Pointui Home

Pointui Home 2.1.06 c

Make your Smartphone look like an iPhone


  • Large icons for fingertip access
  • Slick new application skins
  • Makes system settings easier to access


  • Not all apps are reskinned


Don't get me wrong, I think the Windows Mobile platform is awesome but, like many people, I find it a little cumbersome sometimes and the fact that I have to fumble around with tiny icons can sometimes end up getting me down.

Pointui Home is designed to change all that, skinning the Windows Mobile interface to make it easy to control the basic functions of your device.

In order to achieve this Pointui Home uses a kind of 'shuffle' system, not too dissimilar to the iPhone. It means that you can navigate your operating system using finger swipes, making the whole process of using your handheld much more intuitive and more enjoyable to boot.

From the main window in Pointui Home you can make calls, access email and text messaging, and manage and control the functions of the media player. Certain elements of Windows Mobile have been completely reskinned, including the phone app, which gives a more of an iPhone feel to the call log. Other tools such as calendar and tasks haven't been reskinned but they are now easier to access.

What's more, the system settings are now right at your fingertips, rather than buried below a series of menus on your Smartphone.

If you're fed up of the somewhat cumbersome Windows Mobile environment, Pointui offers a very interesting alternative that imitates the feel of the iPhone.

Pointui Home


Pointui Home 2.1.06 c

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